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On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy made landfall over Atlantic City. With sustained winds just under 85 miles per hour, the storm’s ten-hour march across New Jersey included a 13-foot tidal surge that flooded coastal communities as far north as Weehawken. In its wake, Sandy left washed-out track; bridge girders pushed aside; flooded rail stations and terminals; and miles of catenary pulled down by fallen trees. Also, there were more than 300 pieces of rail equipment damaged.

From the moment the skies cleared, our efforts were focused on the restoration of service so that the many thousands who depend on us would still find some measure of rail, bus, light rail or AccessLink service when they needed it. Since then, NJ TRANSIT crews have made significant progress repairing the damage, restoring operations and working toward making the system more resilient against future storms; but more must be done. As we work through the recovery, we are committed to providing our customers and stakeholders with the scope and progress of repair projects. Visit these pages from time to time for updates and helpful information.

Executive Order 125

On February 8, 2013, Governor Chris Christie signed Executive Order 125 (EO-125) which articulates the Administration’s commitment to an open and transparent recovery procurement process. In particular, EO-125 requires:

"...the State Comptroller, in coordination with the Governor's Office of Recovery and Rebuilding and the New Jersey Office of Information Technology, shall make certain that all approved State contracts for the allocation and expenditure of federal reconstruction resources are made available to the public by posting such contracts on an appropriate State website."


"The website shall also provide information to the public regarding available federal funding streams and funding criteria, the tracking of federal funding allotments, and contract vendor information."

The following links can be used to find:

Oversight and Authorization Description of the roles of NJ TRANSIT's Board of Directors, Internal Audit, and independent Program Oversight staff.
Program Management Description of the responsibilities of the NJ TRANSIT staff and departments, and of the contracted management, design, environmental, and construction support groups.
Repair, Recovery and Resiliency Projects Description of each project underway or planned with a scope of work, responsible staff and support, and progress measurements. Documents found under the All Documents link can also be located within their specific projects.
All Documents A searchable list of all appropriate procurement, contract and grant application documents related to NJ TRANSIT's repair, recovery and resiliency projects.