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Delco Lead and County Yard

County Yard: Located along the Northeast Corridor (NEC), County Yard has a few tracks that cannot accommodate the longer train consists now being operated. The plan is to expand the passenger train storage yard from its current footprint to include an unused part of an adjacent rail freight yard. By expanding the footprint to 15 acres and constructing more and longer tracks, NJ TRANSIT will be able to accommodate 150 electrified rail passenger cars as a safe haven from any storm. Combining this with the reconfiguration and improvement of the existing long freight track extending west (Delco Lead), storage of another 260 plus passenger rail cars may be possible. Also included in the scope of work is the addition of a facility for rolling stock inspection and smaller repairs.


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The project is a longer-term effort designed to mitigate the effects of future storms and harden the system against damage.