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Hoboken Terminal: It is the second largest transportation facility operated by NJ TRANSIT. It is a major transfer point for rail, bus, light rail and ferry service and is central to the Manhattan-bound working commute. In addition, it is a nationally-recognized historic resource. The building, yard and its transit, communications, security and passenger convenience infrastructure suffered pervasive and systemic damage from the storm. Its rapid restoration to full service is integral to the vitality of the state’s public transit system. Ways to harden the various buildings and functions at this complex are being examined.

Hoboken Ferries: The restoration of ferry service from Hoboken Terminal has provided another important alternative for cross-Hudson commuters. The ferry slips, ticket offices, crew quarters and other amenities were recently renovated in a multi-million dollar capital program. Storm surge and subsequent flooding significantly damaged the ferry infrastructure and caused the suspension of operations.

Third-party services engaged for this effort are:

STV, Inc., Newark, NJ

HNTB Corporation, New York, NY



Waiting Room


Progress Bar

The following illustrates the project’s progress as it moves through the implementation phases from Contract Award to Completion.