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Meadows Maintenance Complex, Rail Operations Center

Meadows Maintenance Complex (MMC): A major NJ TRANSIT facility for rail vehicle maintenance and parts storage. While not in an identified flood zone at the time of the storm, the facility suffered a degree of water damage, in particular to spare parts, equipment lift tables, and the Wheel-True machine. The design of protective measures to mitigate the effects of flooding is necessary and could include drainage changes, flood walls and gates. The protection of materials storage and electrical and mechanical systems, which are sensitive to water, is necessary.

Rail Operations Center (ROC): The ROC is the central nervous system of the entire rail network, controlling dispatching, track signals and other critical functions, and must stay in service for the railroad to operate. Water damaged the ROC’s Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), preventing NJ TRANSIT from dispatching trains. The UPS needs to be raised above foreseeable flood levels. Access roads to buildings for personnel and fuel must be improved. In addition, to ensure true resiliency, a design for a new ROC in a location adjacent to rail but not in an identified flood zone is needed.

Third-party services engaged for this effort are:

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., Morristown, NJ

Progress Bar

The following illustrates the project’s progress as it moves through the implementation phases from Contract Award to Completion.